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We are forefront in creating the best Solar Power Fencing, with all the latest up gradation and technologies involved. We even trade our Solar Power Fencing outside India. Solar Power fencing is made with a purpose of protection of safety for your commercial places like offices, institution, sanctuaries, etc, where there is the anticipation of threat. Solar Power Fencing is made up of shock durable system where a person will not die and even if anybody stands near to it, it will automatically generate alarm.

  Solar Power Fencing      Solar Power Fencing applications:  
  • Power fencing Provides good security levels.
  • Cost effective Power fencing system.
  • Powered by efficient solar Power fencing modules.
  • Power fencing acts as a good physical barrier.

The designs of these solar power fencing systems are made flexible suiting all types of fencing requirements. Wire with good tensile strength is used for manufacturing the fences and hence increasing their life even when subjected to physical pressures. These power fencing is easy to install, maintain and widely appreciated in various sectors for its functionality. This type of fencing system is widely appreciated for various domestic and commercial applications.

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