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We are exclusively specialized in offering a vast range of Solar Security Fencing for Industries in India. Designed using wires, our range of Solar Security Fencing for Industriesis an excellent way of providing security from unwanted persons and other elements. The wires of our Solar Security Fencing carry extremely high voltage of electrical impulses and low voltage that give a non-lethal shock to the intruder as he comes in contact of these wires.

  Solar Fencing Industries      Solar Fencing Agriculture applications:  
  • Sophisticated fence monitoring and alarm signaling capability deals with more determined intruders from the moment they attack the fence.
  • The technology is safe and remarkably tolerant of environmental conditions.
  • The resultant reliability makes it ideal for remote Industries.
  • It's very affordable!
  • Solar Powered Fence is a most effective and viable perimeter security alternative that meets present day needs.
  • Provides maximum protection to Industries against intrusion, theft, pilferage, sabotage.
  • Is an active deterrent - not only delays / denies entry to a secured area but detects intrusion.

Solar security fencing offers the most complete form of physical security to factories and Industries.

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