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Our company is engaged in offering a wide range of solar fencing solutions for various factories, thus helping in maintaining high security level at their premises. With our highly experienced professionals we manufacture these solar fences using high grade raw materials like stainless steel and many more quality materials. The solar fencing system for factories level application includes high advantages like proper detection system, alarming system and much more.

  Solar Fencing Factories  

These solar fencing system works with the help of a pulse generator and alarm system. The electric pulses are generated are carried through the wires continuously, when encountered any disturbance the alarm is on automatically. The entry of unauthorized persons and even trespassing of animals can be avoided since the fence will generate a shock during their contact.


Various factories are benefited by this solar fencing system, due to its high functional and security level. We manufacture these solar fences on different grades, dimensions based on the requirements of our clients. Our workman helps in installing these solar fencing at your factory premises, thus ensuring ease for the installation and maintenance.

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