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We are one of the renowned solar fencing dealers in India offering a wide range of Residential Solar Fencing and Commercial Solar Fencing, which is ideal to be used for securing the perimeters of Residence and commercial places.  Our highly skilled professionals are proficient in installing these Residential and commercial Solar Fencings on the premises of the clients.

  Solar Fencing Dealers  
Our Residential and Commercial Solar Fencing is designed to operate with batteries that are charged by a solar panel. These Residential and Commercial Solar Fencing does not carry live current, which is capable of causing permanent damage to the intruder. The electric Residential and Commercial Solar Fencing has only pulsating direct current flowing in the fence grid and even under extra ordinary circumstances or in the unlikely event of system failure.

Live current will not pass through the solar fencing line.
For all this safety and quality fencing services we provide, our company has been placed among various trustworthy solar fencing dealers in India. Our experienced workman helps the customers in providing all details about solar fencing systems and also in installing them.

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