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We are authorized manufacturer and dealers of a wide range of Commercial Solar Fencing, which is ideal to be used for securing the perimeters of commercial places.  Our highly skilled professionals are proficient in installing these commercial Solar Fencings on the premises of the clients.

  Solar Fencing Commercial      Solar Fencing Commercial applications:  
  • Commercial Solar Fencing has an easy Construction.
  • It can be erected to target species only.
  • Low maintenance is required for our Residential and Commercial Solar Fencing.
  • Long lasting because of minimal physical pressure.
  • All domestic and wild animals can be controlled economically.
  • Makes strip grazing and back fencing easy.

Our Commercial Solar Fencing is designed to operate with batteries that are charged   by a solar panel. This Solar Fencing does not carry live current, which is capable of causing permanent damage to the intruder. The electric Commercial Solar Fencing has only pulsating direct current flowing in the fence grid and even under extra ordinary circumstances or in the unlikely event of system failure. Live current will not pass through the solar fencing line.

Customers can avail these commercial solar fencings based on their requirements and application level. All the designs, length and sizes are made as per the industrial standards and customized dimensions are also welcomed.  

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