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We are one of the leading manufacturers of solarfences and are engaged in supplying them for solar fencing agricultural applications. Agricultural Solar Fencing is one of the best methods for protection of crops and property from domestic and wild animal damages. This Agricultural Solar Fencing supply a low amount of electric current, which gives an electric current to those entering the fenced area.

  Solar Fencing Agriculture      Solar Fencing Agriculture applications:  
  • Provides good security level form wild animals.
  • Enhances good safety to the agricultural land and crops.
  • Strong and durable fences.
  • Available in different sizes and dimensions based on the requirements.

The Farm Sector Agricultural Solar Fencing offered by us is a new concept, introduced to keep out the animals ranging from snakes to elephants includes, wild boar, monkey, cattle and leopard. With the help of these Agriculture Solar Fencing systems, our clients can also safeguard the properties from theft. This resulted in increasing the yield by way of protecting the damages by wild animals which proved in enhancement in the returns. Moreover, our range is widely used in various sectors like agri-horticulture farms, aqua farms and research stations.

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