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Solar Fencing security is another protective fencing. The energy generated by solar device which is transmitted to the fencing iron wires. The solar energy is regulated depends on the landscape area. This kind of the solar fencing security is mainly used in Defence areas,Scientific research area, High alert and restricted places or campus, etc. The solar fencing construction is similar to the electric fencing only the source of energy will differs and provides and extent vigilance and alarm to team desk.We undertake the orders with various range of fencing as per the client requirements.

We are innovative solar fencing security system suppliers in India. fencing system functions by generating a shock vibrate sense when clashes by any sort of physical disturbances, enables the good security levels. We manufacture these electric fences using high grade raw materials based on latest technologies as per the requirements of our clients.

  Solar Fencing, Solar Fencings, Solar Fencing Systems      Solar Fencing System applications:  
  • Provides high alert security to the landscape
  • strong sensitive Barrier for protection for trespassers.
  • provides safer security strength.
  • If a person or any animal touch the wire it generates high shock creation as vibrates feeling without harming
  • Simple to install and maintain.

We also supply Solar Electric Fence System and Security Electric Fencing Systems for different application levels along with Solar Fencing Security systems. All the fencing materials are checked on various parameters for providing quality electric fencing system to our customers. The Solar Electric Fencing security is highly advantageous since it provides a safe, economical alternative to traditional fencing.

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