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Smart fencing system ( High Security System )

Solar Smart Fence system brings out the best & advanced technology featured systems to you which would make the protection of any major property of any length very easy & to your finger tips. Advanced features helps you to operate any sized perimeter fence from one single computer & it gives you the luxury of options. Smart fence allows you to identify the intrusion from cms room with exact location of the intrusion & type of intrusion along with visuals with the help of integrated cctv & switching on the flood lights automatically at the intrusion point......


Description Design Advantages over the other systems

System: Smart Fence Grade –I

To be built inside the existing wall or fist line of defense wall

Indigenous of technology and keeping the present day’s security scenario a Micro Processor based Security Net Working Control System will be used which is Taylor made which avoids the sabotaging acts like switching off the zone by the operator/encroacher and giving way to the intruder/terrorists to mount attacks which is an added advantage to the Smart Power Fence.

Capable of Contact/ break reporting at the security control centre.

The height of the fence shall be 3.00 m with 30 strands, the gap between two strands shall be 100mm. The eternal passive fence to be built if there is no fence is existing at present.

Apart from physical barrier it is having the active configuration like Deterring, Denying, Delaying and Detection facility.

The perimeter will be segmented into Zones for quick identification of the Intrusion area

The smart fence perimeter will be segmented into 80 + (one zone per each gate) zones for effective monitoring each zone length shall be approximately 250m. Will be advanced difference voltage output function: all border thread shall has electric shock, has voltage difference between adjacent line, and make the border fence impregnable.

Acoustic, Fire detection, Fiber Optic, Seismic, Tension, Vibration, Invisible Volumetric and Microwave Buried cable detection systems are not deterrents they are only the detectors which are not the reliable systems in Indian conditions. User feedback strengthens this opinion.
Whereas the Smart Fence:

• Will be extremely rugged, advanced alert principle, overcome the technical flaw in infrared, microwave, the electrostatic induction, all kinds of border matrix with even position waterproofing, adverse weather proofing design, enlarge crawling electricity distance, guarantee it is not affected by the environment, climate and terrain when alerts

• False alarms are almost nil when compared with the other systems which have high rate of false alarms.

• While all other perimeter security systems are only detectors the Smart Power Fence system I. Deters the intruder entry, II. Denys the entry of the intruder, III. Delays the intruder entry and also IV. Detects the intruder’s entry.

• A unique range of high end decorative security fencing products designed to provide protection at the perimeter of sites where a pleasing appearance combined with the highest security are of primary importance.

• Irrespective of the sophistication of your internal security system, your perimeter protection and detection remains the first line of defense.


Inbuilt facility of Fence watch
with advanced IP Based Digital & Night High resolution low lux, low sensitivity wide dynamic range, multi streaming cameras and advance analytical software features with all weather housing for continuous monitoring of the fence line.

With fence watch cameras, verifies fence and
ground alarms, intruder “hunt” tour.
• Also independently detects and tracks with
• Intruders are automatically tracked from camera to
camera• Secures Fence Line
• Detects Intrusions
• Detects Threatening Activities outside of Fence Detects
Unauthorized Activities within Fence
• Programmable for detection of intruder based on
size and movement to reduce the false alarm.
• Integrate all sensor inputs and give output in terms
of Warning and data.
• Permit selective viewing of the CCD/FLIR camera as
per selection by the operator with zoom in/out
• Provide hands free detection and alerting against
human and vehicle size intruders.
• Capability for future additional integration.
• Gates for arming and disarming facility.