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Smart Fencing

We are in specialization in the smart fencing , The smart fencing includes different fencings structures.We innovate the fence with steel fence to protect the landscape of acres. This is one of the smart way of fencing systems which is advance and helps you to reduce the cost and its more faster way to protect the land. The other fence with irons , stone fencing, iron grill fencing, We also provide the electric fence systems which is used in government sectors compounds and defence protective fence systems.

Our fence ‘ing systems is designed for various other reasons which can be used to protect the cattle farming, used in the zoo with different fence diagonal systems , grill fencing systems, wooden wall fencing, rock wall fencing and various kinds. The smart fencing systems is also designed to pass the electric power to the iron wires round the square fence core.

The factors of the Smart fencing reduces the cost, quick in adaptability, easy to install, and electric power enable option is provided for additional security. Easy to install and maintain,Trespassing,can be easily controlled,Enhances good fencing capabilities,Available in different sizes as per the requirements.

With fence watch cameras, verifies fence and ground alarms, intruder “hunt” tour. Also independently detects and tracks with cameras,Intruders are automatically tracked from camera tocamera,Secures Fence Line,Detects Intrusions,Detects Threatening Activities outside of Fence Detects.

Unauthorized Activities within Fence, Programmable for detection of intruder based on size and movement to reduce the false alarm,Integrate all sensor inputs and give output in terms of Warning and data,Permit selective viewing of the CCD/FLIR camera as per selection by the operator with zoom in/out facility,Provide hands free detection and alerting against human and vehicle size intruders, Capability for future additional integration,Gates for arming and disarming facility.