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About Solar Fencing System

Solar Fencing Super Security System Pvt. Ltd. (SSS) is only one Solar Fence Manufacturing Company in India with more than a decades of rich and varied experience in execution of landmark security projects across the length and breadth of the Country.

With established credentials in executing complex and challenging projects in all kinds of environment. SSS has repeatedly delivered security projects on time and of the highest quality.

An abundance of resources like People, Plant & Equipment, Finances etc, has enabled SSS establish an enviable record in the Centralized Security Management Systems. SSS committed to the highest standards of quality.

New Initiatives

SSS for more than a decade has demonstrated its capabilities in sectors such as Space Research Stations, Remote Sensing Agencies, and Aero Space dept., Police, Stadiums and Industrial Structures, Thermal Power Projects. Considering the vast potential available in the Anti Terrorism sphere, Micro Sec. has initiated forays into new business segments such as:

• Airports
• Seaports
• Stadiums
• Industrial Construction
• Mining Area
• Oil and Gas-Pipelines, Refineries and Petro Chemicals
• Water and Water Treatment
• Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

With the 'New Initiatives' in place and varied expertise technology taking the lead, SSS is now on the mission to create world class security to enhance safety quality of life

While all other so-called corporate companies are the vendors, we are only company in India, who is manufacturing all the controllers, components, accessories and the SOFTWARE of the security electric power fence indigenously complying to the standards